How well do you sleep in the summer?

It is no surprise that you typically sleep better when your skin is slightly cooled.  You’re more likely to detour restlessness and get a better night’s sleep if your body is cooled as compared to overheated.  The types of sheets you use play a large factor in ensuring you achieve that cool sensation come bedtime.  Factors such as thread count, material fiber and sheet color all come into play when deciding what to use during the hotter months of the year.  For example, material that is designed to wick moisture away from your skin during your regular work-out may instead trap moisture and heat should it be used as sheets.  For more summertime cooling tips, check out The Best Kind of Sheet Sets for Summer Months by Lorna Hordos to ensure you wake up cool and refreshed each and every day.headboardupholsteredwayfair



Hot Trends of 2015

This year Affluence Home Fashions had the delightful opportunity to attend the 2015 Home Gift and Furnishings Showin Atlanta.  This event showcases designers from all over the country, including market veterans and newbies, to display their latest take on home décor from materials to colors to structure.  Below is a list of popular items/trends to take note of as they continue to gain popularity throughout 2015!

  • Cowhide for Furniture and Rugs (Dyed and Natural)
  • Color Combinations
    • Turquoise/Teal with Mustard Yellow
    • Navy with Burnt Orange
    • Emerald Green with Gold Accents
  • Metallic Colors and Texture Combinations for Decorative Pillows and Wall Decor
  • Taupe/Grey hugely popular in bedding, curtains, and home décor fabrics
  • Neutral-colored furniture with color accents
  • Hounds Tooth becoming popular with decorative pillows, curtains and furniture upholstery
  • Pantone’s Suggested Color of the year “Marsala” not widely popular with home décor
  • Puff stools are hugely popular this year in all textures, sizes and shapes.
  • Linen material being used more significantly in both upholstery and bedding.Blog Image - Hot Trends of 2015

The No-Fail Formula to Decorate Your Bedroom Perfectly: Part 3 – Neutral Leopard Print

When I stumbled across this chair, I knew instantly that I’d have to purchase it for my own home, or create a room around it for the blog. The classic style of the chair, crossed with the gorgeous modern print makes it a very functional piece in most rooms. When paired with other neutral-colored furniture, this chair blends into the background without being boring. To continue building the room, I focused on products that contributed to a sophisticated feel, with just a bit of a modern edge.


Clockwise, from the top left: Four-Poster Bed, Wayfair; Cameron Leopard Accent Chair, Macy’s;  British Tan Velvet Panels, Wayfair; Caiman Decorative Pillow Collection, Macy’s; 1000tc sheets in Linen, Amazon

We’ve paired it with our gorgeous linen-colored 1000 thread count sheets, a pair of velvet curtains, a simple white duvet, and topped it off with several throw pillows in various colors and textures. A gorgeous four-poster bed in a traditional style with a modern twist, perfectly complements the other furnishings. This color palette is sophisticated, elegant, with unexpected modern touches. The metallic accents add to an elegant feel without being gaudy.

Ensuring Sheet Longevity


Courtesy of Valerianne in Vienna, Austria.

Washing your sheets every week or so does not guarantee their longevity.  On the contrary, it can weaken the quality if not done correctly.  All too often, consumers believe washing sheets every week with detergent will keep them fresh and clean looking; however, the type and amount of detergent you use can be a big factor in keeping your sheets feeling smooth and silky.  For example, you might already be using an unnecessary amount of soap and not rinsing properly causing a residue build-up and cotton breakdown.  Ultimately, these things can cause the fabric to dull in color, lessen softness and even decrease absorbency.  This helpful article from the Washington Post, “Tips on Buying and Caring for Sheets, Towels, Pillows and Other Linens” provides insightful details on what you need to keep in mind when caring for your sheets to ensure long-lasting need to keep in mind when caring for your sheets to ensure long-lasting durability.your sheets to ensure long-lasting durability.


Linen Sheets

Health Benefits of Luxury Bedding

Luxury bedding offers more benefits than just a good night’s sleep.  In addition to comfort, high-quality sheets provide for several health benefits including fewer wrinkles, softer skin, fewer allergies, and sounder sleep.  Low-quality sheets can lead to skin irritation, itching and irritability which can all be attributed to your overall skin texture, while thicker, higher-quality sheets allow for the blockage of tiny allergens and as a result make you less susceptible to hidden allergies.   Also, the high-quality fabric used to make luxury sheeting helps regulate temperature due to its lightweight texture and airiness alleviating middle of the night sweats and allowing for a sounder sleep.  Check out this great article from the blog Painter Mommy Dawn entitled “Healthy Benefits that Come Along with Sleeping On Luxury Bedding and Sheets” for more information!


Let Affluence Home Fashions help you regain your rest and relaxation through the use of luxurious bedding.  Limited time only, receive 25% off any Affluence Home product by simply entering the code ITFPADCC at checkout!  Enjoy!

5 Ways to Bring Trendy Colors in Your Bedroom

Pantone just released their Fashion Color Report for Spring 2014, and with it came a flurry of trends predictions. We’ve highlighted a few ways to bring some of these trends into your bedroom.

1. Wall color – bringing in a neutral like Paloma or Sand is a great way to add color without making a bold statement. To go extra bold, try painting your ceiling with an unexpected color like Pantone’s Hemlock green shade. Make sure to keep the walls neutral or stark white for the biggest effect.

Adding gray walls to a bedroom to bring life and trendy color

Adding gray walls to a bedroom to bring life and trendy color

Gorgeous luxury sheets in Glacier Blue

Gorgeous luxury sheets in Glacier Blue

2. Bedding – adding a new set of luxurious sheets in a similar hue to Placid Blue, or simply a bright throw with colors like Celosia Orange and Dazzling Blue can perk up any plain bedroom.

3. Throw pillows – inject a little life, and color into your room with a perky pillow in Freesia.

4. Roll out a Turkish kilim rug that features all the bright colors of the spring.
A bright orchid requires little care for a lot of wow factor.

A bright orchid requires little care for a lot of wow factor.

5. Fresh flowers not only add color to your room, but offer a sense of life and freshness not easily replicated with other décor elements. Try a bright cluster of daffodils, modern gerbera daisies in a tangerine hue, or orchids in 2014’s must-have shade of purple, Radiant Orchid.
How will you brighten your bedroom in 2014?
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Ensuring You Make an Informed Purchasing Decision.

Affluence Home Fashions credits itself on divulging all necessary information to customers to ensure they make an informed, educated decision when purchasing their premier bedding.  Check out this great article from Forbes Magazine entitled “How to Choose The Perfect Bedsheets” for helpful tips and terms regarding premier bedding.  Affluence Home Fashions offers customers great quality fabric in the form of premier cotton with intricate sateen weaving to allow for a lustrous, radiant sheen that continues to stay silky smooth time and time again.

How to Choose the Perfect BedsheetsForbes Magazine