How well do you sleep in the summer?

It is no surprise that you typically sleep better when your skin is slightly cooled.  You’re more likely to detour restlessness and get a better night’s sleep if your body is cooled as compared to overheated.  The types of sheets you use play a large factor in ensuring you achieve that cool sensation come bedtime.  Factors such as thread count, material fiber and sheet color all come into play when deciding what to use during the hotter months of the year.  For example, material that is designed to wick moisture away from your skin during your regular work-out may instead trap moisture and heat should it be used as sheets.  For more summertime cooling tips, check out The Best Kind of Sheet Sets for Summer Months by Lorna Hordos to ensure you wake up cool and refreshed each and every day.headboardupholsteredwayfair



Hot Trends of 2015

This year Affluence Home Fashions had the delightful opportunity to attend the 2015 Home Gift and Furnishings Showin Atlanta.  This event showcases designers from all over the country, including market veterans and newbies, to display their latest take on home décor from materials to colors to structure.  Below is a list of popular items/trends to take note of as they continue to gain popularity throughout 2015!

  • Cowhide for Furniture and Rugs (Dyed and Natural)
  • Color Combinations
    • Turquoise/Teal with Mustard Yellow
    • Navy with Burnt Orange
    • Emerald Green with Gold Accents
  • Metallic Colors and Texture Combinations for Decorative Pillows and Wall Decor
  • Taupe/Grey hugely popular in bedding, curtains, and home décor fabrics
  • Neutral-colored furniture with color accents
  • Hounds Tooth becoming popular with decorative pillows, curtains and furniture upholstery
  • Pantone’s Suggested Color of the year “Marsala” not widely popular with home décor
  • Puff stools are hugely popular this year in all textures, sizes and shapes.
  • Linen material being used more significantly in both upholstery and bedding.Blog Image - Hot Trends of 2015

Are you Sleep deprived?

Research shows that 71% of adults do not get the necessary sGrey - Affluenceleep of 7.5 hours a night to function at their optimum level the following day.  This means that the majority of the people you work with, live with and socialize with are not operating at their full potential.

According to this article from Furniture Today, retired Cornell professor and sleep expert, Dr. James Maas, identifies sleep deprivation as not always defined as being groggy and tired, instead it can be observed as easily as one who instantly falls asleep once they get into bed or even one who needs an alarm clock to wake up.  Considering most individuals require an alarm clock to wake up with this may not the best predictor; however, Dr. Maas indicated that a well-rested person should take 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep once they are in bed and will most likely wake up at the same time without the aid of an alarm clock every morning. How would you consider yourself: well-rested or sleep-deprived?

Let Affluence Home Fashion’s Luxurious Microfiber Duvets help ensure you that your sleep is a necessity and your health a priority.

4 Home Decor Trends Giving Us Spring Fever

The snow has thawed, and the muddy mess in our yard signals that Spring is just around the corner! We’ve compiled a list of the biggest home decor trends this spring to help you banish the winter blues.

1. Pastels. These classic spring-associated colors are softer than in years past. You’ll see them incorporated everywhere from curtains and pillows to pieces of furniture.

Spring Pastels

Clockwise: Blush 1000 thread count sheets; Tea Party Bowls; Sage 1000 thread count sheets;
pink living room; pastel living room

2. Soft textures. Natural fibers like jute and hemp are still popular, but we’re seeing a return to soft textures like linen, combed cotton and cozy knits. Add a new throw or change out your pillow shams to add texture and color.

Soft TexturesClockwise: Pink Linen Pillow Cover; Moss-Knit Blanket; Luxury Microfiber Comforter in Stark White

3. Sunshine yellow. This bright hue is gaining momentum. It’s been spotted mainly in decor accessories, but it’s making a big statement!

Clockwise: Faux Bois Pillow Cover in Yellow; Crewel Pillow Cover in Horseradish; Kate Spade Saturday Pillow Cover in Northern SunVelvet Pillow Cover in Dark Yellow

4. Natural wood. Decor trendsetters are shifting from painted wood to natural, nearly naked wood grains in just about every application: furniture, flooring, and kitchen cabinets.

NaturalWoodCollage{No source}                                                                          via Wayfair

Big Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Ever wonder what it would feel like to have a huge, spacious bedroom?  Well, just because your bedroom isn’t the largest doesn’t mean it can’t have that roomy, spacious feel.  There are several things you can do to your bedroom to make the room feel fuller and roomier.  Check out “Big Ideas for Small Bedrooms” for several helpful suggestions such as omitting a foot board or using comforters with simple designs and light coloring, such as the one below, to create a more flowing space.



Infuse Some Spring Color in Your Bedroom!






With Spring right around the corner, now is the time to bring some light, bright and airy colors into you favorite spaces. We’re loving this palette that includes a soft silvery lilac, an ashy gray, a pale grass green, a sweet blush pink, and finally, the color of the year, Pantone’s Radiant Orchid.


Get your bed ready by replacing your old sheets with these luxury 1000-thread count sheets from Affluence. The Blush color brings the perfect amount of lightness and color to your space, and when paired with a fluffy white duvet and a smoky gray, can make any room feel balanced and not overly-feminine.


Blush Sheet SetFor a calmer effect, neutrals of white, silvery lilac and gray can make up the bulk of the room, while pops of green or orchid purple can seem purposeful and fun without being cloying.

For a young girl or teenager’s room, the playful combination of pink, bright purple and light green will look great against white or wood-toned furniture. Making simple swaps of sheets, window treatments, or throw rugs can add instant fun into any kid’s bedroom.

Don’t hesitate – beat the winter blues and toss some color into your home today!

Pillows: Are You Using Too Many?

The art of layering is what takes a so-so room, or in this case, bed and makes it look fabulous. Layering, according to blogger August Avenue, invites the eye in, offers a sense of comfort and luxury, and helps to anchor and define a room. Pillows on your bed make the most layering impact, but also need to serve a functional purpose.

So how many pillows are too many? And are you using enough to really make your bedroom look great?

According to one home decor expert at Apartment Therapy, five is ideal for a minimally styled bed: four standards and a decorative pillow. The bloggers over at HomeGoods suggest a multitude of options, but the solid 6-pillow combination remains the top choice: 3 euro shams, 2 standard shams, and a decorative pillow. This look is reminiscent of a hotel bed, and offers luxury without overkill.

One rule is for sure: if your pillow collection edges past the top 1/3 of your bed, you have too many pillows.

Luxury 1000-thread count pillowcases look and feel amazing on your bed.

Luxury 1000-thread count pillowcases look and feel amazing on your bed.

Another great trick for a functional but beautiful bed is stack your sleeping pillows (in gorgeous pillowcases!) towards the back, and cover them with 2 giant euro shams, then draw the attention away with a few smaller decorative pillows. This is one of my favorite looks, and makes getting your bed ready in the morning (and at night) a snap!

How many pillows are on your bed?