Wait, Where’s My Cell Phone?


How many times have you said that before walking out your front door? I think all of the people that I know own a cell phone, and most of us are really attached to it, too. I always keep my cell phone in my pocket, even when I’m at home, and I find myself repeatedly checking my pocket to make sure my phone is in there, just in case I need it or if someone texts me. Things sure have changed.

I don’t remember too many people having cell phones when I was a kid, but fast forward to 2017. When you look around, you see nearly everyone using a cell phone. And the design of the phones have changed drastically as well.

These days, most people are virtually glued to their phones. I’m amazed at how often I see people staring down at the cell phone in their hand. Now, I’m not against cell phones. In fact, I love mine. I enjoy texting, checking emails, and (my personal favorite) searching for information with my Google app. It’s great. My family often says, “What did we do before cell phones?” The invention of the cell phone has made a huge impact on our culture. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing when it comes to cell phones, but I am thankful that we have them.

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