Excuse the Mess, But We Live Here


Three years ago, I bought my first home. It was the perfect opportunity to turn it into the model home I’ve always wanted! You know- the “Fixer Upper”- inspired Farmhouse…beautiful, immaculate, and pristine!

Well, a couple of minor details slipped my mind…I have 2 very hairy dogs AND I have, what I’m calling “Creative A.D.D.”. I can be in my kitchen, washing dishes, and think “This window would look so much better with a little cafe curtain. I think I’ll make one!” The next thing you know, I’m pulling out fabric, sewing, spray painting tension rods, etc. Then, I’ll notice that the fabric I picked out would look better as a table runner…back to Square 1…you get the picture! With that said, being neat & orderly- it’s just not in the cards for me!

But, if I dig deep here, how often do our lives appear neat and orderly?  You know, like the model home that is so clean, staged, and lacking in clutter. It’s just not practical. Life is meant to be lived and to be quite honest, Life can be messy.

So, I give up trying to make my home appear as if no one lives there. I have come to accept that my home and my life is a beautiful mess! And if you really want to know my secret, I save the deep-cleaning for days that I’m expecting visitors!

So, the next time you walk into your less-than-orderly living space, plop down on the couch, set your feet on that dog hair covered ottoman and enjoy a glass of wine because Life is Beautiful!


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