12th Day of Christmas – IT’S HERE!

Everyone knows the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” but every wondered who tmery christmashought it up and where did it come from? There are several origins of why it came to be such as a children’s memory and forfeit game and typically had the twelve days start on Christmas Day or even the day after Christmas.  This version was first printed in 1780 and using the memory and forfeit idea, a child would recite a verse, the players would repeat and add on and should a player make a mistake, the player would pay a penalty by offering a treat or even a kiss. Another popular meaning for the song was to act as a coded reference to important articles in the Christian faith.  For example, speculation of one of these phrases could be that “Calling Birds” is in fact a coded reference to the Four Gospels and/or Four Evangelists of the Christian faith.  There is no known evidence of the version relating to the Christian faith, but nonetheless both versions are quite intriguing.  Check out the below article for more delightful versions of this very catchy Holiday tune.


Affluence Home Fashions wishes you a very Merry Christmas.





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