Microfiber Originally an Exotic Item…Who knew?!

Microfiber has become such a main staple in our daily lives; it’s hard to imagine that at one time it was a new, exotic concept.  The intrigue of it most likely came from the fact that no onmicrofiber bloge really knows where and when microfiber came to be.  Rumors suggest it was invented by the Japanese during the mid-1970’s, others claim it was by the English in 1986, while the last segment swears the
Swedish first commercially produced it in 1990.  Perhaps the reason for the exotic nature came from the first store of the Japanese about 40 years ago stemming from scientists trying to find a new fabric for women’s swimwear; specifically fabric that is lightweight and forms to the body.  Unfortunately this little experiment didn’t go as well as planned because the microfiber was too absorbent making the swimsuit very uncomfortable to wear.  Hence, the idea to use microfiber has a cleaning fabric.  Once the industry was able to conform the fabric to more functional state, other ideas arose quickly thereafter including bedding, home décor, plastic, curtains, rugs, etc.

It’s quite an interested tale, check the rest here!




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