Better Night’s Sleep = Better Immune System

With each day’s trials and tribulations, it can be trying and downright impossible to get a good night’s rest.  As the days get colder, it becomes more imperative that you devote more time to rest and relaxation not only for your own mental and emotional well-being, but studies now prove for your immune system.  No one wants to deal with a cold this season, especially during the holidays; however, it is likely that you will at one point in the winter season develop a sniffle of sorts.  A study done by the University of California, San Francisco, proved that sleep plays a huge role in regulating the immune system proving that sleep is a huge influencer of the susceptibility of the common cold.  Obviously if you are not receiving enough rest you are tired and overexerted; however, this makes you much more susceptibility to common colds because your immune system is not getting the rest and relaxation it needs in of itself.  Check out this great article by the New York Times for more information regarding the sleep/immune system correlation.



A great night’s sleep can be attributed to soft, comfortable bedding.  Check out Affluence Home Fashion’s luxuriously soft comforters to ensure you are getting the rest and relaxation you need to battle the day and potential colds ahead.

Desert Grain Bed


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