Egyptian Cotton Stigmas and More!

Did you know that the main difference between Egyptian cotton and other premium cottons is simply location? Egyptian cotton is considered a staple material for fine linens because it is a long-staple premium cotton, but long-staple premium cottons exist all over the world and are comparable to the same rich fibers that exist in Egyptian cotton.  Egyptian cotton actually came from native North American cotton, but the climate in Egypt allowed for easier production therefore Egyptian cotton quickly became the norm for premium cotton, hence its reputation for luxury and exclusivity.   Check out this article for more information about cotton norms, stigmas and jargon so when you’re ready to purchase new sheets you know exactly what you’re paying for.

BLog image 8.21.15

Affluence Home Fashions uses long-staple cotton for all of our cotton sheets to ensure the cotton is high-quality and the product has a luxurious, one-of-a-king feel.  Check out our 1000-thread-count 100% long-staple cotton sheet sets today!


Affluence 300




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