Hot Trends of 2015

This year Affluence Home Fashions had the delightful opportunity to attend the 2015 Home Gift and Furnishings Showin Atlanta.  This event showcases designers from all over the country, including market veterans and newbies, to display their latest take on home décor from materials to colors to structure.  Below is a list of popular items/trends to take note of as they continue to gain popularity throughout 2015!

  • Cowhide for Furniture and Rugs (Dyed and Natural)
  • Color Combinations
    • Turquoise/Teal with Mustard Yellow
    • Navy with Burnt Orange
    • Emerald Green with Gold Accents
  • Metallic Colors and Texture Combinations for Decorative Pillows and Wall Decor
  • Taupe/Grey hugely popular in bedding, curtains, and home décor fabrics
  • Neutral-colored furniture with color accents
  • Hounds Tooth becoming popular with decorative pillows, curtains and furniture upholstery
  • Pantone’s Suggested Color of the year “Marsala” not widely popular with home décor
  • Puff stools are hugely popular this year in all textures, sizes and shapes.
  • Linen material being used more significantly in both upholstery and bedding.Blog Image - Hot Trends of 2015

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