Are you Sleep deprived?

Research shows that 71% of adults do not get the necessary sGrey - Affluenceleep of 7.5 hours a night to function at their optimum level the following day.  This means that the majority of the people you work with, live with and socialize with are not operating at their full potential.

According to this article from Furniture Today, retired Cornell professor and sleep expert, Dr. James Maas, identifies sleep deprivation as not always defined as being groggy and tired, instead it can be observed as easily as one who instantly falls asleep once they get into bed or even one who needs an alarm clock to wake up.  Considering most individuals require an alarm clock to wake up with this may not the best predictor; however, Dr. Maas indicated that a well-rested person should take 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep once they are in bed and will most likely wake up at the same time without the aid of an alarm clock every morning. How would you consider yourself: well-rested or sleep-deprived?

Let Affluence Home Fashion’s Luxurious Microfiber Duvets help ensure you that your sleep is a necessity and your health a priority.


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