Make the Most of Summer in your Home

There’s no doubt about it, it’s hot outside and you’ve got the A/C cranked all the way up to stay cool this summer. We don’t blame you! If it’s too humid to leave the windows open and there’s no breeze to sweeten up the deal, you can still bring a little bit of sunshine indoors. So pull up those blinds, let the light in, and take an afternoon to brighten up your abode. Here are some ideas to get you startedBlog Post 7.17.15:

  • Switch up Wall Art: Need to breathe somelife into your bedroom or living room? Easy! Try some DIY art projects! Some of these use products already found in your home and can be a fun way to refresh your space. Look here [link to:] for some ideas on Pinterest.
  • Make Your Home Pop: With some color, that is! You don’t have to change your color scheme completely to add a hint of summer color. Aquas, greens, almond tones, and strawberry-coloredhues are tres chic right now in the fashion world and inside your home. Get some new throw pillows for the couch, buy some colorful plates, or a statement piece to amp up your interior game.
  • Rest Easy: When the season changes, so should your bedding. There is no need for a down comforter in 100 degree weather, is there? Especially if you live in a warmer climate, your bedding should slightly change with the temperature. Duvet covers are a great way to stylishly upgrade your bedroom while ensuring you stay cool for the summer.
  • Overhaul and Organize: Spring isn’t the only time you should clean! Take advantage of longer days by systematically cleaning your house. It doesn’t have to be an Olympic-worthy feat—use 30 minutes of your day to go through your bookshelf, tackle the coat closet, or dust off the cobwebs from your porch. Little acts of cleanliness can go a long way!

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