How to Keep Fitted Sheets on Your Bed

One of the most frustrating things to wake up to, whether in the morning or middle of the night, is when the fitted sheet on your bed has come off. It interrupts your sleep, makes your bed a mess, and leaves you feeling uncomfortable.

Tips for Fitted Sheets

I gathered the linen experts in our office up and asked them how to solve this annoying problem. Here are their answers:

“Besides lying still the entire night, there aren’t many things you can do to ensure a low-quality fitted sheet stays on your bed. Invest in a quality sheet with a fully-elasticized, thick hem, and you’ll be surprised at how well it stays on.”

“Make sure the pocket depth of the sheet fits your mattress. Measure your mattress thickness and write that number down in your pocket calendar, or make a note in your phone…somewhere that you can check when shopping. Sheets come with varying depths, and getting the wrong one will make your life miserable. Don’t forget to factor in any bed toppers, such as feather or memory foam pads. That extra inch could be the difference!”

“You’ve heard the saying…”Buy quality, and you’ll only cry once.” It might not be pleasant to spend over $100 on a set of sheets, but the dividends will pay themselves. Generally, but not always, expensive sheets will have better elastic on the fitted sheet. Don’t be afraid to return sheets until you’re satisfied with how they fit.”

All of the sheets sold on feature fully-elasticized fitted sheets, with thick, industry-best elastic, ensuring your sheets stay in place until you take them off. Check out our featured sheets, our 1000 thread count, for gorgeous colors and unsurpassed quality.


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