Luxurious Touches for the Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom, in most houses, is meant to be a place of relaxation, serenity, and luxury. It is meant to be inviting and restful. But in the crazy world we live in, we tend to neglect adding certain indulgences to our bedrooms.

100% Cotton Luxury Linens

100% Cotton Luxury Linens

We suggest adding a few of these to your bedroom in order to create a space you want to spend more time in:


via BeautifullyCoastal


  1. A quiet place to read. Whether you’re an avid reader or simply enjoy a good book once or twice a year, having a dedicated space to read in your bedroom can help you feel more relaxed. The key pieces you’ll need are a comfortable chair or sofa, a place to rest your feet, soft lighting, and storage for your novels.


    Via MyHomeIdeas

  2. A touch of unexpected beauty. Maybe you have a gorgeous view, or amazing architectural details. Whether it’s a stone fireplace, a large piece of artwork, a delicate chandelier, or even a small arrangement of fresh flowers, be sure to add a touch of beauty in your room.


    Soft Sheets in Lovely Colors

  3. A soft place to land. The bed is arguably the most important part of any bedroom. Ensuring you have the most comfortable linens on your bed will guarantee you a restful night’s sleep. We love 100% cotton sheets on our bed, topped with a fluffy down comforter to keep you warm. Adding enough pillows (but not too many!) cushions your head and offers additional support while you sleep. Check out Affluence Home Fashion’s full line of sheets to find the perfect set of linens for your master retreat.



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