Sheets for the Summer: What is Your Best Bet?

Now that we’ve entered June, most people have ditched the flannel sheets and extra blankets from the winter. You might have pulled out the lightweight blankets and soft sheets in pale colors. But are your sheets the right ones you should be using in summer?Stacked

Here at Affluence Home Fashions, we love using our 300 thread count sheets during the summer. Why? Being 100% cotton, these sheets are breathable. They help the heat that builds up to release, instead of trapping it in the way poly and nylon blends do. Sure, you could search for sheets that
have been treated with chemicals to help you stay cool, but we like to use the materials that naturally do this.

Currently, my bed is rocking the turquoise (our best seller!). They’re a small investment in a comfortable night’s sleep. Give them a try and see how much better you sleep without battling the sheets, blankets, fans and air conditioner!


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