The Best Neutral Bedroom Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors isn’t an easy choice. Even if you know the color family you want, the various shades, undertones and sheens makes your options limitless. Here our some of the favorites that work time and time again:

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore
via House of Turquoise

A light blue with tinges of gray and yellow undertones, this color looks great with almost all palettes. We’d pair our turquoise sheets with a fluffy white duvet and some brightly colored toss pillows.

Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore
via Shine Your Light

This gorgeous navy-charcoal hybrid is a great choice for large rooms, as the dark paint helps to give a cozy, snug feel. With plenty of bright light, this color doesn’t overpower, especially when paired with neutral wood-tone and white furniture.

Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams
via Involving Color

This light gray is a perfect neutral, falling right between cool and warm palettes. This is a perfect choice for when you want to add drama and depth with your furniture and linens. We’d pair our best-selling plum sheets with these walls for a killer color combination.

Winter Gates by Benjamin Moore
via DecorPad

This warm gray has some deep cocoa undertones, which makes it the perfect match for most colors. Greens, yellows, blues, corals, and purple all look lovely against this backdrop. Make sure to keep some white or other light neutrals involved to keep your room from looking dungeon-like.

Hearts of Palm by Sherwin Williams
via Houzz

This light green borders on yellow. Even in dark spaces, this green keeps your room looking fresh and airy. Ground it by adding some dark wood furniture and warm-toned linens, like our mocha-hued sateen sheets.


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