AHF at WNC Asheville Home, Garden and Green Living Show

This past weekend, Affluence Home Fashions participated as a first-year exhibitor at WNC Asheville Home, Garden and Green Living Show in Asheville, NC.  We greatly enjoyed our experience and were able to showcase our amazing 1000-thread-count sheet sets in addition to offering a lucky contestant the chance to win one of our fabulous sheet sets.  Congratulations to our lucky Winner, Ruth M. for winning a beautiful set of linen-colored 1000-thread-count sheet sets.  Serving as an exhibitor gave us the opportunity to engage customers on the type and quality of sheets that peak their interest in addition to educating them on different types of fabric, thread count, weave and more.  We received a large amount of customers interested in both our contest and our products and were fortunate enough to sell several sets to vested attendees.  We hope to participate in many more home & garden shows in the upcoming future so make sure to check back for regular updates!  



As always, you can purchase our luxurious products at amazing prices via Amazon.com.  Check out our newest customer review, it not only sums up the quality of our products but also our dedication to customer service.  

“The sheets arrives beautifully wrapped with a very thoughtful thank you card. How delightful!! The sheets are fabulous, the most beautiful eggplant color. They are very crisp in feel. I wonder if they will soften over time, I have only had them through two washings at this point. They are beautifully made and I will purchase again from Affluence.”                                                                                                               –Sandy, February 27, 2014


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