Ensuring Sheet Durability


Courtesy of Valerienne of Vienna, Austria.

Washing your sheets every week or so does not guarantee their longevity.  On the contrary, it can weaken the quality if not done correctly.  All too often, consumers believe washing sheets every week with detergent will keep them fresh and clean looking; however, the type and amount of detergent you use can be a big factor in keeping your sheets feeling smooth and silky.  For example, you might already be using an unnecessary amount of soap and not rinsing properly causing a residue build-up and cotton breakdown.  Ultimately, these things can cause the fabric to dull in color, lessen softness and even decrease absorbency.  This helpful article from the Washington Post, “Tips on Buying and Caring for Sheets, Towels, Pillows and Other Linens” provides insightful details on what you need to keep in mind when caring for your sheets to ensure long-lasting durability.


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