How Important is Thread Count?

ad_1103_beds.jpgCan you really tell the difference between a 300-thread-count sheet and a 1000-thread-count sheet? The answer is yes, but as with all assessments, there are exceptions.  Some of the exceptions include fabric type, style of weave, and ply-count.  For example, a 300-thread-count sheet made of premium cotton can feel remarkably better than a 600-thread-count sheet made of a polyester/cotton blend.  The difference here is the fabric type and it can be a huge determinant of quality.  The higher-quality sheet sets include 100% cotton and typically use premium cotton that produces longer, stronger cotton resulting in luxuriously soft bedding.  This great article from the blog Departures, entitled “Making the Perfect Bed” includes everything you need to know about sheets, pillows, mattresses and more!


Affluence Home Fashions uses 100% premium cotton to create each and every 1000-thread-count sheet and pillowcase set while the sateen weave allows for a heavier, stronger fabric to ensure durability and longevity.  Check out our products today!





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