Guest Room Essentials

Having friends or family stay with you can be a stressful experience. By keeping a well-stocked and luxurious guest room, you’ll relieve the pressure you feel to provide fabulous accommodations while making your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

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A welcome basket sits perched upon a well-made bed. Image via Positively Panicked.

A few of my favorite essentials:

  1. Hotel-quality bath products: Pick a neutral fragrance like citrus, and steer clear of anything heavily floral or musk. This is one of my favorite product lines.
  2. Plush towels and robes. Small luxuries like a plush robe go a long way at making someone feel comfortable. Plus, you never know if Uncle Frank likes to wander the halls at night! Keep the bathrobe handy just in case…
  3. 1000 count thread count sheets or higher. These are my favorite for guest rooms.
  4. An alarm clock that is easy to set.
  5. A small basket of fruit, packaged granola bars, cookies or chocolate, plus a few bottles of water. Having snacks nearby will avert late-night kitchen raids!
  6. A vase of freshly cut flowers to brighten the room.
  7. Your wifi network access code and password. In an age of electronics, this is an absolute must for any guest!
  8. Extra pillows and blankets. Keep them stashed in an oversized basket in the corner of the room to stay organized!

What are your must-have guest room essentials?


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