How Often Should you Change your Sheets?

Although not typically a welcomed discussion, sheets do become soiled.  Everything from daily wear and tear, food and drinking in bed and even pet bunking buddies can contribute to soiled sheets.  Not only are soiled sheets uncomfortable, but there is also the health aspect.  Soiled sheets, even only a couple weeks old, can contribute to dust mites and bacteria which can ultimately cause respiratory problems and infections. This article from “How Often Should I Change my Sheets” is very helpful in determining how often you should change your sheets in addition to cleaning information to ensure your sheets remain unsoiled and you remain healthy.


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One thought on “How Often Should you Change your Sheets?

  1. says no hot water, no hot heat, just about goes against everything this article says. I like these ideas better for killing any germs or mites. You can always buy more sheets, but staying healthy you get one shot at.

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