The Luxury Hotel Experience

One of the best things about staying in a hotel, besides the escape from reality of course, are the sheets.  They are, for the most part, probably better than yours and typically offer a different experience than what you’ve become accustomed to.  Everyone loves that initial feeling when you get into a clean, cool, refreshing bed complete with silky smooth sheets.  Ever wonder what type of sheets these hotels use just on the by chance that you may invest in a similar pair and have your own hotel experience in your very own bed?  These hotels typically invest in high-quality, high-thread count sheets; which lucky for you, Affluence Home Fashions has available for purchase.  Check out the article below courtesy of the Chicago Tribune, entitled “Waking up to Luxury Bed Linens” for more information on incorporating hotel luxury linens into your very own bedroom.

See Affluence Home Fashions 1000-thread-count, 100% Cotton Sheet Set for your very own hotel-style bedding experience! LIMITED TIME ONLY, Affluence is offering a 25% discount on any Affluence Home Fashions product – simple enter ITFPADCC code at checkout and automatically receive 25% off an Affluence product!Image


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