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Goodbye, 2017!


We’re almost two weeks into 2018, and I still can’t believe it’s already a new year. What happened to 2017? Where did it go? I have forgotten a few times when dating something that it is a different year now and written 2017 for the year and had to correct it. Whoops! I’m probably not the only one, though.

With 2017 now in the history books, it’s time to look back and remember all of the good things about the year. It was a good year for us. We added some new staff members to our company, and our sales were pretty good. Thank you for making 2017 a good year. If 2018 is going to be as good as the previous year, the future looks pretty bright.

Looking Back On 2017 With Gratitude

It’s hard to believe that we are near the end of another year. Thanksgiving is now less than a week away. 2017 was a good year overall. Here at Affluence Home Fashions we have a lot to be thankful for as we prepare for Thanksgiving. We’ve added a few new employees this year, all of whom have helped to make us a better company, and we’re glad to have them with us. We have a great group of hardworking employees here. We’re also grateful for all of our customers, here at our outlet store as well as online. We are grateful to all of you for supporting us. We can’t wait to see what’s in store (no pun intended) for us in 2018.

My Most Used App


In today’s culture, the average person has a smart phone with many applications (aka apps) on their phone. I do as well. I have found a few apps that I really like quite a lot. I have a to do list app that I use a lot (mostly for work, though). I use it all the time to remind me of important tasks that I need to accomplish and I love it. It is a lot easier (and produces less clutter) than using a pen and paper. And the best part is that since it is on my phone, my to do list goes wherever I go. I edit it anytime I need to. It has made accomplishing tasks much easier for me. I would highly recommend finding a to do list app that you like and downloading it to your smart phone. There are many free to do list apps to choose from. Just download one you like.

National Noodle Day


Three weeks ago, I posted on a national food day, National Cheese Toast Day. (If you didn’t see the post, click here to read it.) Today celebrates another of my favorite foods, the noodle. Many of my favorite dishes (spaghetti, lasagna, and chicken alfredo) have noodles. There are many types of noodles if you think about it, along with many ways to enjoy them, and they’re all great. So, go enjoy a meal with noodles today.

Wait, Where’s My Cell Phone?


How many times have you said that before walking out your front door? I think all of the people that I know own a cell phone, and most of us are really attached to it, too. I always keep my cell phone in my pocket, even when I’m at home, and I find myself repeatedly checking my pocket to make sure my phone is in there, just in case I need it or if someone texts me. Things sure have changed.

I don’t remember too many people having cell phones when I was a kid, but fast forward to 2017. When you look around, you see nearly everyone using a cell phone. And the design of the phones have changed drastically as well.

These days, most people are virtually glued to their phones. I’m amazed at how often I see people staring down at the cell phone in their hand. Now, I’m not against cell phones. In fact, I love mine. I enjoy texting, checking emails, and (my personal favorite) searching for information with my Google app. It’s great. My family often says, “What did we do before cell phones?” The invention of the cell phone has made a huge impact on our culture. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing when it comes to cell phones, but I am thankful that we have them.

National Coffee Day


For those of you that need coffee running in your veins to function daily, here are some interesting facts from Good Housekeeping that you would appreciate:


Shepherds discovered coffee in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D. Legend has it that 9th century goat herders noticed the effect caffeine had on their goats, who appeared to “dance” after eating coffee berries. A local monk then made a drink with coffee berries and found that it kept him awake at night, thus the original cup of coffee was born.

The majority of coffee is produced in Brazil. Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee, which is twice as much as 2nd and 3rd place holders, Colombia and Vietnam.

Coffee was originally a food. Coffee berries were mixed with fat to create an energy-rich snack ball. It was also consumed as a wine when made from the pulp of coffee berries.

The world’s most expensive coffee is $600 a pound. And it comes from the feces of a Sumatran wild cat. The animal — called a Luwak — is unable to digest coffee beans. In the process of digesting the beans, they are fermented in the stomach. When the beans are excreted, they produce a smooth, chocolaty coffee.

New Yorkers drink almost seven times as much coffee as the rest of the U.S. However, Finland is the most caffeinated country, where the average adult consumes the equivalent of four or five cups of coffee a day.

 The largest cup of coffee ever was brewed in July 2014 in South Korea. It was over 3,700 gallons. The largest iced coffee was brewed in Las Vegas in 2010, and was 1,500 gallons — ice not included.

Read more at: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/diet-nutrition/a30303/facts-about-coffee/


Home Schooling Helped Me – Here’s Why


There seems to be many opinions on the topic of home school versus sending your kids to a traditional school. I spent most of my grade school years in a private school, but I was home schooled in high school after my family relocated to the Charlotte area. Both options have the potential to be good, but for me, I did better with home schooling. My grades were much higher after my mom started homeschooling me than they were when I was in a traditional school.

I think the biggest reason for my much higher grades was due to the fact that I was getting a lot of one-on-one attention from my mom when I was doing my … um, homework. She was able to focus a lot more of her time on helping me because she only had two students: just me and my brother. In a traditional school setting, the teacher-to-student ratio is obviously much lower, which causes the teacher to be unable to spend as much time with each student as my mom did with me and my brother. I seemed to need that on-on-one time in order to get a grasp on the material. So is one better than the other? I don’t think so. Look at the pros and cons of both and decide what option you think would be best.

National Cheese Toast Day


If you browse the Internet, there are lots of sites that have lists of the unofficial days of the year, many of which are kind of funny, but I saw one that I thought was pretty neat. Today, September 15th, is National Cheese Toast Day. Cheese is one of my favorite foods. My family loves cheese as well.  It seems like a majority of the things we eat have cheese in them or on them. Cheese is a staple at our house. Things just taste better when they have cheese on them, except for maybe dessert items like cake and pie.  Cheddar, Colby Jack, Parmesan; they’re all good. Anyway, be sure to eat a slice of cheese toast today. Or just anything with cheese on it!

5 Reasons We Don’t Pursue Our Dreams


When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Disney animator. I remember watching the behind-the-scenes feature of almost every Disney film, just to get a glimpse of what it would be like to draw castles, princesses, and enchanted forests, for a living! But, I told myself that dream went way over my head! A couple of years later, the movie Jurassic Park came out and I wanted to be a Paleontologist. When I told my father that I wanted to move to Nebraska to study fossils (mind you, I was about 10yrs old), his response was that there wouldn’t be anymore dinosaurs to discover by the time I finished schooling! And one by one, my hopes & dreams blew away like “dust in the wind”.

Here are some of the more common reasons that stop people in their tracks, when it comes to chasing those dreams:


  • FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN– Are you pretty comfortable in your little bubble? Do you like taking risks or do you like to play it safe? I admit, I can be a bit of a control freak, so I start to get antsy when I’m in a situation that’s new and unfamiliar. But, there’s nothing more liberating than letting go of those fears and putting one foot in front of the other. “Don’t let the fear of the unknown keep you from experiencing a life greater than you have ever known”- Jeff McClung


  • TIMING- “Timing has to be just right.” Will there ever be a “right time” to get married, to have kids, to chase that dream? Yes, we need to put thought into those major life changes, but don’t let time stop you. To be honest, life is known to fly by in the blink of an eye. All the more reason to stop wishing & waiting and go for it!


  • PRIORITIES- Let me guess…Life got in the way of your dream and it no longer is a priority. It happens! But, don’t get discouraged. It’s never too late to MAKE that dream a priority. “The only impossible journey is the one you never began”- Tony Robbins


  • BAD ADVICE- Having a couple of key people in your life that you can count on for wise advice is a good thing! But, be cautious in asking help and advice from everyone in the town! You know what they say…”Only a few people care, the rest are just curious.”


  • FEAR OF FAILING– Any new venture requires an investment of resources: money, time, energy, emotions, etc. The last thing we’d want to happen is to have all that we’ve invested, go up in flames. Suzy Kassem once said, “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”.

So, what’s stopping you? Are you brave enough to step out into the unknown?

Can’t quite put your finger on that dream of yours? Here are a couple of questions to get those wheels in your head to start turning: What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? What gets your blood boiling?

Start there. But don’t stop. Keep going! It will come to you!


Storm Warning


As you have all heard by now, the talk of the town is named “Irma”. And it’s not a name we want to associate with our hometowns either. As the hours go by, millions of people anxiously await the latest news and update on the path that this storm will take. If you could potentially be affected by Irma, the best thing we can all do right now is to educate ourselves, stay informed, and be prepared!

Here is a compilation of helpful resources that can help you  learn how to best prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irma and ways to help after the storm has passed.


  • https://www.ready.gov/– Plan Ahead for Disasters. Prepare for hurricanes now. Know where to go if asked to evacuate quickly and how you and your family will get there.
  • https://www.cdc.gov/ – How to prepare for disaster, protect your loved ones, and stay safe after the storm